Jewelry should make a statement about who you are!

I started to make Jewelry when I was around 10 years old. At that time they were called Friendship pins. That was my introduction to jewelry and beads. I am not a very creative person but when I start to work on Jewelry I found my inner Muse. I have gotten a lot of compliments from people who want to buy my items that I decided to sell at festivals and fairs and on Etsy.

I love to go bead shopping and have my imagination go wild with what I can create with something I see. I don't stick to just beads and jewelry, I will shop in flower shops, scrap-booking areas, and just about anywhere. I love creating jewelry that makes someone feel good and beautiful.

I sell at a lot of Steampunk functions and Cons around the US. I love to see some of the women and men wear my creations and hear people ask where they got them from. That to me is the height of flattery for my jewelry.

This is my passion and I hope to be able to make and sell my jewelry for many more years! Hope you enjoy looking at my one of a kind creations.

Have a wonderful day!

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